Monday, July 2, 2018

TJ's Choice Of School Bag

a month before the school year starts, he already asked us to buy him his school bag, and he chose Anello this time - i remember, 2 years ago, he chose Herschel, last year it was Jansports, this time it's Anello - does it mean he doesn't find the right comfortable bag yet?

so many pieces to choose from

finally, here's his pick

ok, this photo is not part of this blog per se, TJ just wanted to let me see all the names of his classmates 2 years ago :-)

first day of school :-) and daming bitbit :-)

and hey, hubby bought his own version of strap bag, same design with Tj's :-)
he doesn't know i'm taking a photo :-)
let's see if this brand of bag will last for a year or so :-)
stay blessed!

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