Monday, July 9, 2018

Kids New Guitar

after 3 weeks of practicing with their music coach, the kids are already complaining about their guitar that i just bought, check it in this i asked their coach if they can buy a new one, something more advance, and he said yes. So hubby and sir Jetto went to this shop in QC (you can check it on their fb page)
why this store? those that you buy in the mall that are branded are most of the time expensive and not in the right tune, not to mention that they have a different shape...and so, the music coach recommended this place where almost all the professionals buy their guitar, tried and tested as they say :-) hubby and coach chose these two for TJ and Alex



they included this amplifier too

what a beautiful sight :-)
she just can't wait to hold and practice with her new baby :-)
paid 24,000 pesos for all this :-)
stay blessed!

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