Monday, July 9, 2018

HK Disneyland - May 16,2018

December 2010 when we first went to HK Disneyland just with me, hubby and TJ - Alex was only one year old then -

 May 2012, two years after, we celebrated Alex's 3rd birthday in this fun place - that's also when we decided as a family to celebrate hubby and Alex's birthday each year going out of the country instead of trowing a big party - both celebrates their birthday on May 27 (Alex) & hubby (May 30) -
 this time, we stayed in HK Disneyland Hotel

 and get the vip tours for all the rides and parade :-)

 and on the second day in Disneyland, Alex had her princess day
 meeting some of the Disney Princesses

 May 2018 - after 6 years, Alex celebrated her 9th birthday in this happy place :-) all grown up!
we tag along Uriel this time

so hot, you need some drinks in this container, how cool is that?!

more rides

wakanda forever

the Lion King show

time to buy some souvenir, kids won;t leave without this toys

bought this dress for me and Alex :-)
matched it with TJ's tshirt

he is so joyful with what he got for his iphone and iphone watch

travelling back home took us 20 mins ride hopping from one train station to another

when we are already at the hotel, Alex uttered - "Mom, since i don't have a younger sibling, i will make this baby stuffed toy our baby"

stay blessed!

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