Thursday, July 26, 2018

Fantasy Amuse Megamall

if you've seen this movie, you will probably know what i'll be sharing :-)
virtual games to try here in SM Megamall, and my kids new favorite hangout area
you can choose from this list of games to try on

but they have a complete package where you can ride and try all their virtual games for a thousand
but the kids decided to remove this 2 rides in exchange of a double entry in htc vive virtual reality which they love to play so much

first virtual ride

this htc vive virtual reality game is their favorite, wish we could buy one at home ;-)

waiting area
waiting freebies too

third virtual game

fourth virtual game

fifth virtual ride

kids nowadays are already into virtual games, while i missed the fun of playing chinese garter, text, holen, tumbang preso, tagu taguan, tubig tubigan, haist!
stay blessed!

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