Thursday, July 26, 2018

CSIV Host Family

TJ just joined the CSIV QC chapter camp last June, and after their camp, the organizer informed us if we can be a host family for their upcoming camp this July, and we said yes...during the camp break, they have this Open Day where each country who joined performed their talents - i was not able to attend because i have to fetched TJ that day, so i asked Hani and Alex to go there to watch and fetch the kids
thank you Hani for all these photos :-)

Bea from the US

Martha from Sweden

Maria from Portugal
Levin from Germany

meeting with the kids

and Sancho from the Philippines
on route dinner in Max Restaurant
first night

day two breakfast
day two kids day out in Megamall - first stop is the lazer game

archery training

we also invited Xavia to join us, she's Alex bestfriend in school
bought them their toys

went to the nearby mall - Podium for their painting lesson
then went back to Megamall to try this 5D simulator

early dinner in Mann Hann celebrating Bea's advance birthday treat
late dinner at home
third day was spent in the pool

last day is always hard for the kids

back in the camp

thanking God for allowing us to be a blessing to this kiddos.
stay blessed!

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