Thursday, June 21, 2018

My "War Room"

have you watch the movie War Room?
this was one of the Best movie our family watched. Why? here's some of the best lesson's we've learned, the power of praying!

 this was the time that i learned that you need to have your own space/room where you can pray alone with God daily.
 so i decided to create and share to you my so called "War Room"...
this furnitures i customized in More Than A Chair in Pampanga

i bought this chair for 9,500 pesos - fabric comes from me, bought the fabric in Townes
fixed cabinet was done by Mang Bert, our company's carpenter.
hmmm...after all the clutter...the desk table is from More Than A Chair also for 19,500 pesos
this is also were i do my hobby - diamond stitching
this was my first finished product and i'm almost finish with my second
classic chandelier that i bought in Keystone Lamps and Shades in San Juan
this couch that i bought for 26,000 pesos was customized by More Than A Chair, the fabric i chose from Townes in Makati
wall paper from Larry's in Megamall
and this art pieces of Soleil Ignacio that i bought way back then
recently, i also shared in this blog the assembled cabinet that i bought in Modular 30th mall

from time to time, i arranged the display on the table according to my mood and liking, hence the set up in the pictures :-)

curtains was customized also...and that small door leads you to the sauna area in our master's bathroom

this is where i do my fighting, i call this my "War Room" :-)
stay blessed and know the power of praying - yes, i'm sharing here also my all time favorite books in praying...

may God's grace be upon you everyday :-)

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