Thursday, June 21, 2018

Keyboard And Guitar Lesson By Jett Aquino

i was browsing my feed in instagram when i came across with this post, saved it then because Alex was still in school, i told myself that i will get back to him once Alex is on vacation, and so i did.
Jett specifically instructed me to go to Sta Mesa Manila in a store called Benjie's - since they are a wholesaler store, all their instruments are much cheaper over malls.

guitar for this little girl who's so excited to start her lesson

plus a keyboard
testing testing testing

aha, this man do the testing too :-)
guitar strap

and paid...
guitar 1,800 each = 3,600
keyboard 12,500 each = 25,000
sustain pedal 1,000 each = 2,000
guitar strap 200 each = 400
keyboard stand 1,000 (tj dont have a stand yet)
assembled and fixed it at home

the tita's putting some marks on the keys
and the teacher wrote some mark on her fingers too

start of their music lesson
TJ on guitar...

and Alex on the keyboard

after they finish 4 sessions, both will interchange their music instruments lessons, so they will end up both knowing the two instruments
the PF? its's 500/hour and 2 hours minimum
stay blessed!

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