Friday, June 29, 2018

Daydream Republic Travel Board

i am a traveler, and the best way to track the places you've been to, is through a map, and for me, a board maps :-) bought it in this online store
ordering lead time is a week, and i paid almost 3,000 pesos for both maps
can't wait to open

 Philippine Map - Playful in 15x20 inches
then i pinned the places i've been to

up close

only few places are left, hopefully i can travel more anytime soon

World Map - Classic in 15x20 inches
pinned it again :-)
i know, the world is so big that it will take me a lot of money and time to explore each countries here :-)

everything about this personalized travel board except this little damage on the side

how about you, where's your next stop? can you tag me along? :-)
stay blessed!

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