Thursday, June 21, 2018

Abaca Gown Inspired

May is Santa Cruzan time, and so Alex will be joining the Grand Santacruzan of Abaca Festival in our hometown - Catanduanes! it was a challenge for me not only because it's our first time but because it was hard to look for a designer that will not cost a fortune...then i did my research, and found Jake Peralta, one of the uprising and young designer from Lucban Quezon. He was still in college and designing and making a gown is just his part time passion. We went to Lucban to meet him and do some fitting, yes in Jolibee after having our breakfast

cand he came up with this design
aside from making Alex's gown, he did some accessories for her Arc too :-)
abaca inspired gown in the making...

a very intricate detailed design

teamwork and sleepless nights
then it's time to do the fitting

almost there Alex

this was the face of my mini me when we went to Lucban early in the morning, 7 am - had to leave Manila at 2 AM

final touch

ang mga wala pang tulog na sina Jake at master cutter and sewer Abdulrahman
here's Alex Arc also inspired in Abaca materials

 preparation begins - make up done by Dale

finally, the day has come for her to showcase her gown - May 29, 2018 Catanduanes Abaca Festival
look at the details, everything was just perfect!

and the crown
final retouch

thank you Tyron for all the extended help
 and to Tita Baby, Big thanks for all the help and for being my alalay :-)
 and to our videographer TJ, and Daddy for all the financial support,hahaha

and now, presenting, the youngest and the only little girl who joined the Grand Santacruzan - and the first to walk, Reyna Banderada - our Naomi Alexandra!

matched it with the abaca inspired Arc design by Tyron
how much the gown cost? - 20,000 pesos
how much the Arc cost in total? - 20,000 pesos
but the experience and the joy are all priceless :-)
stay blessed!

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