Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Manila Field Trip

my daughter Alex is still in school until the end of May, and recently, one of their topic in social Studies was all about the historical places in the Philippine, and part of that was Manila - Fort Santiago, Rizal Park, Intramuros etc...she asked me if i could bring her there, she was only 3 year old when she first went there and i don't think she can still remember it - and so we did - lessons came alive with her :-)
had our late breakfast here...

try what the locals in Manila do too
say hi to the Katipunero's

visited Jose Rizal

and had our tours around the area

with our tour guide

Muralla means long wall

and gates

we've all been to different countries but Manila Philippine will remain our number best country for us

Manila Cathedral

the very first Ateneo De Manila school was located in Manila and eventhough it was transferred to another location in QC, the Manila was never change...Ateneo was also the first school in the Philippine to teach English language to student - my son TJ was not an Ateneo, he is Xavierian :-)
this school is the only school that still exist to this day since 1620's
this man - Felipe Rey de Espana - was the one who gave the name Filipinas

we all laugh when when our tour guide told us that this man in statue was the one who brought the vaccine for varicella in the Philippines - why? because on that same day we had our tour, Alex was having a chickenpox :-)

old toys

we paid 2,000 pesos for 3 hours - mahal noh but for my kids, it's all worth it :-)
stay blessed!

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