Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Cafe Mermania Marikina

we just visited this cafe recently in their Marikina branch...why? because my kids and i talked about going to different themed cafe's and restaurant and this is one of it :-)
upon entering, you are required to removed your shoes and change it with their fish slippers, how cute is that :-)

cookies and candies

love this pearl display
so you believe that there is a male mermaid?
from lamps to...

ceiling, everything was about under the sea

meet this beautiful mermaid sitting on her throne :-)

in different tail colors :-)

mother and daughter's fish feet
thank you Hani for always accompanying us in our food trips, you are a cool dad, as always!

we paid 890 pesos for all our orders...verdict? 6/10 for food and place :-)
stay blessed!

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