Monday, March 5, 2018

Young Living Essential Oils

let me share with you my journey with YL...

you have to enrol in their website to be a member and buy this set

you can also make your own combination, i haven't done mine, yet, too busy!
a friend from a retreat gave me this new set and paid 9,000 pesos, i'm new to this product so i never knew that i can but it online for a much cheaper price

and guess what, after a week, and because i was so naive, i just noticed that the essential oils are not correct, meaning she change some oils with other oils not included in the set :-(
there is spearmint, grapefruit, and black pepper in my box? haist grabe!

i also bought from her this deodorant...which i love so much after months of using it, i can attest that it was much much better over any other deodorant that i used

i didn't used the set that i bought at first, then i had an LBM one day...i asked her what can she recommend, she told me to out a drop of Digize vitality in a glass of water and drink it...i did, and guess what, after a minute or two, my LBM subside :-)

that's the wake up call for me to really buy my own set...this time, i asked an old friend, a reliable one, all about YL, she taught me everything and here's my first orders last December 2017...dami ( yes, i got so excited kasi)
i bought a set and an extra diffuser and some other extra essential oils and other products that i love and will try

yes, this time, oils are complete!

here are the essentials oils detailed information that was included in a set (photos are from our YL group chat)

i also tried this kids shampoo for my kids but after two months of using it, i can say na nothing has change, so i'll discontinue buying this

i fell in love with the set but honestly, i seldom use this roll on, so i won;t recommend you buying it, unless you really need it :-)

i just mentioned above that i am so busy that i still don't have time to make my own oil combinations, but this carrier oil is a must  for you to have

i told you, i love this deodorant so i keep on buying it repeatedly :-)

why do i need extra essential oils, i used it a lot, as in a lot :-) my favorites are peppermint and lavander :-) i got the Tangerine for free! and the Brain Power for my kids

see, i have a number of lavander and peppermint oils :-) for the cedarwood, i mistakenly ordered it, i still have to figure out where to use it...and for the Joy? love it's aroma at night, a must have too

this kids oils are my favorite too, actually it's my kids favorite, surely i will re order it :-)

stickers to be use on top of the oil cover

aroma glide for the bottle that you often use

see that, i reordered some kids shampoo but after i will discontinue using it becasue i cannot see any different from other shampoo that my kids are using..i also tried the adult shampoo and will discontinue it too, i still love my former shampoo :-) and here something to share...the orange blossom is a facial wash, both me and hubby tried it and yes, we both love it...i tried to re order it but up to this moment, it's still out of stock, sigh!

i also bought a glass dropper for my mixing oils :-)
and when you buy pala a set, there's an extra oil - Stress Away, i love this oil too :-)

i bought an oil container from an online store for 2,600 pesos

i wanna share my daily habit to you... a drop of Lemon Vitality in a glass of water

some of the oils that we love use often

and hey, recently, i won in a raffle done by my friend who introduced me in the world of YL, a gentle mist diffuser :-), what a treat!

hope this helps and i can't wait to hear your own journey towards YL, keep me posted! just send me a message if you have any questions pa :-)
stay blessed!

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