Monday, March 5, 2018

LV Shoes

my hubby is a shoe addict, if he likes a shoe, he will buy some in just one brand in different designs, here's the proof...he tag us along in LV store in greenbelt, chose different shoes but when he was about to pay, the card system in LV is not functioning, we didn't brought a cash, so what the greenbelt branch did, they transferred the items he chose to their Solaire branch...

 why are this two men joyful? because whatever Daddy buy, TJ can also wear, they have the same shoe size :-)

 i always love their boxes

 when worn :-)
 other stuff he bought, a belt.

 and here's some freebies...
 for the 3 shoes, a belt and a sun glasses, it cost...
 why there's a red LV shoes included? guess what, the cashier didn't include it in the bill, she said, she forgot to punched it into the computer, that means i have to go back to the store and pay for it...but what i like about LV is that they don't pressure you or make "kulit" to go back took us another weekend (when we are usually free) to go back this time in greenbelt, finally, their card system was already ok :-)
 back in greenbelt
 hubby saw another shoes, in the shades of blue :-)
our ever patient companion :-)

 hubby paid our balance for the red shoes and the cost of the additional blue shoes for:

when being worn...

stay blessed!

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