Friday, March 2, 2018

DIY Shoes For Kids

ever wonder how to make a DIY designs in your kids shoes? i don't know how, but Alex and TJ knew. They both asked me to buy them the following:
- canvass shoes, we bought in SM department store for 500 pesos a pair
- sharpie in national bookstore
- alcohol
- white paper like scotch tape
- small container and glass dropper for the alcohol container

first, think of a design that you like to do
second, put a paper like scotch tape on the lower side of the shoe to cover it from any colored sharpie
this two kids have already something in their minds :-)

then, put the alcohol in the small plastic container, then use a glass dropper to sip the alcohol and put it on top of the design to make it more it all over again to all the marked sharpie on the shoes ( check the difference of the shoes above and below)
finally, let it dry, not under the sun, in a natural lightning overnight.

tadah, she has a new shoes (TJ's design)

Alex's design

a brand new look :-)
Alex wore it from time to time and she's loving it :-)
stay blessed!

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