Friday, June 30, 2017

Mosaic Dresses

to share

stay blessed!

Magnet Board

whenever you go to a certain place or country, what do you buy for a souvenir? i do collect magnets! but instead of putting it in a refrigerator - i had to asked a furniture maker to customized a magnet board wherein i can put all those magnets, here it is...
i realized, we travelled a number of places already :-)
it served as an accent and decorative piece too

furniture maker: made by more than a chair
stay blessed!

More Legos

sharing TJ's addition to his lego collections

this lego cheese is actually mine :-)

stay blessed!

Note To TJ

ever asked yourself what do people say about you? the other day, TJ handed me this note written by his classmates...

all his 40 classmates wrote something about my son, and i was a proud mom that i raised up a child who's smart, helpful, kind, and generous of his talent. Thank you Lord for using him to be a blessing to the people around him. To God be all the glory!

stay blessed!

Trip To Anvaya Cove Day 3

here on our third and last day...we had an early breakfast (thank you TJ for taking my photos)

breakfast choices...

my personal favorite, dessert :-)

met Doc angel, younger sister of my former classmate in Nursing school who happens to be the resort doctor of Anvaya

then the kids went swimming again, hay, my kids are all water babies :-)

time to check out

how much they we paid?

verdict of the Anvaya Cove stay: 3 out of 5
stay blessed!