Wednesday, June 21, 2017

21Tish Shoes

got a package today
what's inside? a 2 pairs of custom made shoes from an online shoe store called 21Tish

 a yellow mule for 4,250 pesos

 when worn...i must admit this shoes is not comfortable onto my feet...i was "tiis ganda" when i used it :-(
Miranda white platform in 3 inch shoes, also a custom made for 4,450 pesos

when worn - this shoes is comfortable to wear, and i love it :-)
stay blessed!

Art In The Park 2017

it's our first time to attend the art in the park

tip#1: you have to be here early, around 8 am. why? parking is scarcity and so you can have a first hand look of the best art work pieces

the painter of the art works above :-)

i wanted to buy this, but when i came back, it was sold already, haist

bumped an old friend, the famous Jesy Cruz :-)

also one of my favorite
i remember Alex when i saw this :-)

until next year's event in the part :-)
stay blessed!