Saturday, June 17, 2017

What's In My Bathroom

now, i'll be sharing my beauty tips - where everybody can afford it too :-)
this is just one of the many bathroom in our house...

guess what body wash i'm using for the longest time...i bought this in S&R
my shampoo and...
conditioner from Basement salon
for facial care, i use...
and also these cream from Aivee clinic
morning cream
 night cream
and for vaginal wash...
i don't put deodorant instead i just wipe it with alcohol every after bath
and before i brush my teeth, i use this floss
my all time favorite toothpaste
what i love with this mouthwash is that it has no taste at all but refreshing into your mouth
and after a bath, i just sprinkle my body with this old fashioned cologne - yes, i don't use any perfume :-)
now, you know my low maintenance life :-)
stay blessed!

Zara Bags & Shoes For Kids

sharing some of Alex's new bags from Zara

when worn

when worn

when worn

when worn
this shoes can be seen worn on the above picture of Alex

stay blessed!

Squishy - Regina Shopsville Greenhills

because it's Alex's vacation, she is into doing and finding stuff to entertain her, and one of these is this so called squishy - a soft and moist stuff that slow rising when you press it. She said, it's the "thing" for kids like her when i found out that there's sole store that sells this squishy, i brought her and TJ the other day, and guess what, both are ecstatic :-)
Regina store sells different stuff for you to choose from

here's the squishy section...

aha, joyful kids!

here are some of the squishy that have a price for you to have an idea how much each cost


her collection
these are her favorite one's

and she is sharing it with her brother too
stay blessed!