Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Nintendo New York - May 2016

even before we went to NY, TJ was already so excited to visit the Nintendo store and finally here we are :-) the place is just a 10 minutes walk from our hotel :-)

there's this one joyful boy coming out from the store :-)
stay blessed!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Burias Masbate - October 2016

hubby and i together with two of our inaanak sa kasal went with us on this Masbate island
here's the list of different island that we visited...
Sumbrero island
Katingloy island
Animasola island
Dapa island (snake island)

meeting up of the group was in Makati at 10 pm then a private van brought us to Quezon - travel time was like 10 hours - then had our breakfast at the pier before riding in a rented boat and brought us to an island where we stayed for an overnight...the trip was so tiring, i must admit primary because the van seats was not comfortable for a long drive and the tent type where we stayed for a night was too hot because we were just along the shore of the beach and the sand was too hard for our back :-( CR was a make shift but it's ok and the food was superb :-)

this trip was arranged by GoRonAdventure

thanking Ron for this trip :-) and the awesome photos too

just a note: a day before we left for this trip, i found out that i was pregnant :-)