Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Personal Barber

from the time i married this man, i was, i am and i will still and always be his personal "barber" :-) i used to use just this...
but then hubby discovered this product...

 and when i tried it, wow, what a tremendous relief on my part, hahaha
 yes, it's our way of bonding too :-)
 you can choose what size you wanted your hair be cut into by just changing the pointed item as seen here


Inside My Formal Kitchen - Sub-Zero And Wolf

i grew up in the province where everyday i have to gathered all these cut woods that my mom bought in the wet market and asked me to lined it up in front of our house for drying...
why? because we used this kind of "kalan" or "lutuan"...such a humbling experienced!
and because we obviously cannot afford to buy a refrigerator, during summer, we have to buy ice in the nearby store so our drinking water will be cold...
but God has been so faithful thru the years...He blessed me with this top of the line refrigerator called Sub-Zero

workers from Focus Global fixing my new "kalan" or "lutuan" called Wolf

i must confess, yes, ALL my cooking ware are Salad Master :-)
busy bee...
welcome to my own kitchen :-)

Sub-Zero cost is 615,000 pesos - Wolf Gas Range cost is 908,000 pesos too...and yes, i can splurged in such kitchen appliances because i know in my heart that i deserved it :-)

Sub-Zero and Wolf bought in Focus Global Makati
Cabinetry are all made and assembled by Mobelhaus
Tables and Chairs are customize by More than a chair
Drop Lights from Singapore
Counter Top from Rockstone

Chirstmas Tree December 2016

we transferred to our new house last September, and obviously, i needed a new motif for our christmas lantern. Went to SM Megamall and asked for the assistant of their decor stylist to help me choose a design that will match our place, and here's what he chose...
a 12 feet Christmas tree
different accessories as well as their prices to decorate it...

20 pieces of lights...

they started assembling the tree at around 5:30 pm

and finished the work at 11 pm...
beautifully done!!!

our Christmas tree at night...and at day time :-)
how much does the tree cost? almost 99,000 pesos plus the styling fee of 8,000 pesos :-)