Sunday, December 3, 2017

Urban Pantry Greenhills

i always wanted to buy this spread from Nicole Ortega but i just don't know why i am not persistent to really buy it until i went to a bazaar in BGC with hubby, and while i was roaming around, hubby went to Nicole's booth in the bazaar, tasted the free tasting they have and immediately love the spread...when i came back to hubby, he told me to try it myself and i said, i already knew that it's yummy from all the reviews i've read, so i said, yes you can buy...bought this 2 spread then...

bought a Fita biscuits and i realized that i keep on eating the spread with it and guess what? i finished one bottle of the Cheese Pimiento in 2 seating, wow! i researched online where i can buy again, it came out that you can get if drom this store in Greenhills called, Urban Panty.

yes, i bought this again, my all time favorite
and tried other bottles too

and some snacks

at home

paid 2,700 pesos for all these products
stay blessed!

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