Sunday, December 3, 2017

Meet Miguel del Prado

TJ always complains moderate to severe back pain, shoulder pain, heart pain, waist pain and the list goes on and on...i brought him to several specialized doctors to consult whatever that pain he has, but each time they all said, TJ is NORMAL in all test being done to why the repeated pains? on my continued research, i saw online this person - Miguel del Prado - who practiced Myotherapy. I read all reviews about him and everybody says he is good in his profession. Then i called his clinic in St. Lukes, and guess what? i have to wait until 2 months to be check, what??? seriously, he is always fully booked, and so, i waited...then the day came that we are there, brought hubby too so he can have some checking narin

Miguel performed different strokes here and there to TJ

and to hubby as well

end result - my boys just love it! the procedure was so relaxing and soothing, it took each of them 30 minutes or so to finished the procedure

Miguel said, TJ's pain should not come back after, and it's been like 2 month now that he is not complaining anything anymore, thank you Lord!

i paid 1,500 pesos each for the check up

stay blessed!

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