Sunday, December 3, 2017

Kapalaran By Solenn Heusaff

this is the truth: you cannot buy an art work of your artist of choice if you are not going to go through a gallery, and each gallery in town has their own exclusive my experienced, just because i am not "sosyal" looking, i am not the priority nor the second nor third and so on to be made me heartbroken each time i have an art pieces to buy but was not able to get it because they always though i cannot afford one, such the case with Provenance Gallery.

Even before the Solenn Heussaff exhibit happened, i already contacted the said gallery asking for the list of the painting and it's corresponding price but as always, i got their reply two days after the show, and you think you can still buy one? No! but hey, the biggest and the most expensive one and the smallest and the cheapest one was not yet sold - i chose the biggest and the most expensive one!

you think they were surprised of what i bought? the not "sosyal" person just bought it, most probably.

my point is, and i pray that people should not be judgmental and be fair to everybody - whether one is rich while the other one is just humble enough - in selling even the most expensive art piece in a particular local gallery show.

here's to share the recent show where i bought my latest painting.

Through the eyes of Solenn Heussaff

here's the owner of Provenance Gallery with the artist herself behind was the painting that i bought
 Lola Nena
 Lolo Pedro

 Pare Ko
 Tatlong Byuda
 Apo Lakay - finally mine :-)

it was delivered in our doorstep after 3 weeks, after the show was finished

look at the details

temporarily hang on the wall

looking foward to more painting from Provenance Gallery
stay blessed!

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