Sunday, December 3, 2017

Drinking Alkaline Waters

i just gave birth to Alex 8 years ago when typhoon Undoy hit Manila and other nearly cities - our house was flooded with mud water on the entire first floor then...after the typhoon was finished, almost everyone don't have a clean supply of water, so how and where do we get water to drink for our entire household especially my newborn baby then?... good thing, a dear friend is there to a rescue...she introduced to us this equipment called Waters...after she explained all the benefits, i bought one portable unit for 23,000 pesos, and hey, up to this day, we still use it, that's how very useful it is to us :-) this is how the portable waters equipment look like :-)

after 8 years, and with a much big house, we need a much bigger version of the Waters
called my dear friend again asking her to deliver one in our house

The Waters Bio Mineral Pot Hot & Cold Automatic with UV technology is a state-of-the-art water purifier that converts ordinary tap water into clean, safe and fine-tasting drinking water.  It boasts of automatic filling feature and advanced UV technology.

Ultraviolet (UV) light is widely used to control microorganisms without the use of chemical oxidants and chlorine.  UV’s major advantage is that nothing is added to the water and none of water’s physical or chemical properties like pH, odor, color or temperature are changed by it.

UV light absorbed by microorganisms shifts electrons and breaks bonds in their DNA.  This kills them and prevents them from reproducing so UV lamp can disinfect and sterilize translucent fluids.  UV is a physical destruction method that adds nothing to water except energy.
how they assembly it...

we put this outlet on our own, it is needed if you want to have the bigger version of the Waters

finally, our waters are now directed to the faucet :-)

producing alkaline water :-)
extra filter here
they will be the one to clean the machine every 3 months too :-) how much did i paid?

this is one of the best items in our house and every penny is all worth it :-)
stay blessed!

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