Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Chosen: A Mother's Retreat

when CCF announced long before that there will be a mother's retreat, i knew i will surely attend. i also invited a friend to join me...on the night that i was preparing my things to bring, i saw this letters from my two kids on the top of my clothes inside my luggage...
oh so sweet :-) you see, they both doesn't want me to attend because according to them, i al already the best mom ever, but but but, i knew im not, so i insisted to go even though i knew that they will miss me :-)

woke up at 3 am because the assigned bus will be leaving at 5 am...arrived in Mt Makiling Retreat Center at 7:30 am
we are all excited that before the program officially begin, me and my closest friends had to do a pose :-)
i was assigned with this group of ladies for the next two days :-)
saturday morning sessions

what i've learned...

afternoon session
i had to remember this :-)
at 5 pm, we were sent to our assigned room

and at 6 pm, dinner was about to be served

we are about to celebrate our being a MOTHER! a CHOSEN one :-)

sweets, sweets, sweets

worship songs
evening session
i need to buy this book that she recommend
a souvenir :-)
at 5 am, we are having our zumba :-)

thank you Imee for taking this photo :-)

Sunday morning session

after our lunch break, me and Joan went to the Mango Cafe to get our cinnamon order

and also bought this CD

afternoon session

lovely ladies
had to hug my dearest friend too who's also attending
second session in the afternoon

it was indeed a fruitful weekend for me...truly, i learned so much much more, had i not attending, i will not be reminded that being a mom a truly a blessing. To God be all the glory and thanksgiving!

stay blessed!

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