Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Centro Holistico - The Grove

TJ had this problem on his back that goes on and on and on despite the all normal findings from different specialized doctors...then i discovered this clinic that center in an alternative chinese medication, particularly the acupuncture, and so we went...

hubby had to be treated too, he was so stress and busy always with work, so i know he needed this more than TJ
then consultation begun
after explaining everything to us, time to do the procedures

guess what, it doesn't feel hurt at all :-)

aside from acupuncture, they also have other services like colon cleanse

and mutivitamins infusions

here's what they will both do after...

and we paid...
their vitamins cost...
and the medical treatment and consultation cost
is it necessary and worth it amidst the price? YES and they will come back over and over again :-)
stay blessed!

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