Friday, September 29, 2017

Honda Juke N Style

here's something i wanna share, we have this agreement long time before with my hubby that if every time i give birth, he should give me a new car as a gift :-) as far as i can remember, it was already 8 years ago when i last gave birth, with Alex. So, imagine how old my CRV honda car was :-(  so when i gave birth recently - soon after hubby knew that i'm healed and ready to drive again, he gifted me with this car that i'm eyeing for sometime now :-)
the price is 1,300,000 including the insurance
exterior views

and the interior view

it's keyless :-)

got hold of it recently :-) but it's also Alex car too, because we were the one's who always use this everyday
i asked my son to posed for me :-)

stay blessed!

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