Thursday, August 3, 2017

Shipping Cart

these are my two options whenever i shop online in the US:
1. i shipped it thru Johnny Air - it's fast but expensive
2. i shipped it to my aunt's house and they will packed it for me and send it in the Philippines thru the balikbayan box, i just pay 3,500 pesos for a box but the shipment took a month to arrived.
and here's what i discovered recently...sending it to Shipping Cart
it's a new branch of LBC somewhat like Johnny Air but the difference is that they accumulate your goods and you will be the one to decide if you will send all your ordered in's so easy, you just have to register on their website, they will give you your own account and the US address, phone # etc. then viola, you can now order with no hassle...they will give you 30 days to store your goods then after, they will charge you for a minimal fee...when you are ready for shipment, just go to LBC and pay your due (you will just give them your order #) orders arrived in just a week, in one box not unlike in Johnny air, they send it to you individually. yes, it's pricey too, paid 4,995 for all my tip: send your orders thru shipping cart if you are in a hurry to get it but if not and willing to wait for a month, send it to a relative in the US :-)

what's in my box?!

i ordered my much awaited coloring book ( the first photo was sent by shipping cart to me, they take a photo of each goods that arrived and sent it to you )

my photo taken when i got hold of it
the slippers from Urban Outfitter

this photo from SC

a silicon molded character for Alex's squishy experiment :-) this i bought in Amazon

a fidget cube for TJ bought in Amazon

what is fidget cube?

bought another board game for our family to play with :-)

this photo was sent to me by SC

this stick is a game for the family too, can't wait to play

whenever i go to national bookstore, i always end up not getting this pastel color stabilo, why? they only have it in limited stocks, so i decided to buy one set in Amazon

also bought this activator for Alex's experiment in making her own version of squishy

i also bought this polo shirt from Ralf Lauren - hubby's favorite top brand

my verdict: 4.5 out of 5 - the .5 is for the expensive shipment...will i order again and use them for my next online buy? YES!
stay blessed!

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