Thursday, August 3, 2017

San Francisco, Day 4 - Alcatraz April 2016

four of us are scheduled to go to Alcatraz on our 4th day in SF, had our ticket booked even before we went to our US trip, yes you have to book in advance for your convenience. But, a day before, i felt lazy to wake up early and tagging along my little girl early in the morning is so much hard on both of us, so i decided to cancel it...beyond my knowledge, hubby changed my cancelation and rebooked it with just him and TJ because he really wanted to go and check the the boys went out and the girls continued their sleep in the hotel :-)
all photos are taken by each one of my boys :-)

Alcatraz is an isolated island
view of SF aboard the boat to Alcatraz

from this point, i will be flooding you with so many photos to have a glimpse of what's inside the used to be prison

prison cells

thank you TJ for accompanying you Dad even though you are not liking the place :-)
stay blessed!

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