Thursday, August 3, 2017

Philippine Medical Supplies

my father is now bed ridden and he is currently staying in Naga with my was almost a year (because of my recent pregnancy) that i haven't visited him, so when i'm already up and about, i decided to surprise him and the best pasaubong i can give is buying him a new bed - a patient's bed. where will i buy? i keep on searching online and came across this site...

called them about their products and i was informed that they are only selling first i was hesitant because i wanted to go to their store to check if the bed was ok, considering that i will paying a large sum of money and i also don't wanna go and travel to Bangbang store to buy one...i took a risk!

if i let them deliver it to my house - Antipolo City - a provincial one, they will be charging me with 12,000 pesos but if it's within Manila area, they will only charge me with 2,000 pesos...i had it delivered to hubby's QC was fast.

before paying, i asked them to assemble it first so i can check if everything was ok
bought the uratex foam and the egg foam from their site too

i was a very joyful customer because the quality of their products are excellent, price was reasonable too :-) we had it shipped thru the cargo bus of Isarog Line to Naga and it's here :-) Papa was currently staying in my brother's farm - in a bahay kubo - because of the serenity and the fresh air it gives him. he is taking cared of by trusted yaya's and boy
stay blessed!

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