Monday, July 3, 2017

TJ's Lego Room

in choosing a theme for your kids room, one has to consider first, what he love most and second, is it for TJ, it was so easy for me to do it because i know that he loves Lego and when i asked him if he wants a Lego inspired room, he was so joyful. Second, at first it was a little bit hard to find pieces and furniture maker who will execute the desired pieces to be put into his room, but God has his ways :-)
upon several online search, i found this photos that became my inspiration.

cabinets was design by Kitchennovation
even my Naomi can fit inside :-)
love how it was done
aside from being a storage, it can also serve as a playing area

design of the lego cabinet

done by More Than A Chair, here's some photos in the production area

and the final output for 52,000 pesos

for the wall, we went to Wilcon in BGC and we're supposed to buy the Tacts design but the available stocks are not enough for my needs so we just decided to get the Beatoff

had it painted to reflect like a synchronizer in a radio

the alternate wood design from a wood installer in Pampanga and the rough grey with a small hole of the wall was executed by our carpenter, inspiration design here...

this side table cost 24,000 pesos
this was the inspiration of this drawer

this cabinet cost 22,000 pesos
bed from Kenneth Cobonpue ying and yang
i saw this wallpaper in Larry's, megamall branch but was too expensive
so i just ordered here...

and everyone just love it :-)

for TJ's study table and wall cabinet, found this photo for a design inspiration
had it measured...
the final output

table and chairs from Philux
after completing all the designs and fixing the furnitures, here's the final output

sometimes we became invaders in his room :-)
and for his bookshelves, i saw this unique cabinet in a furniture store somewhere in San Juan, forgot the name...

that cost...
and asked More Than A Chair to make a similar one for TJ and paid 76,000 pesos instead...had to put it just outside his room so he could have a bigger space
here's his bathroom...
all the bathroom paraphernalia was bought in Dexterton

stay blessed!

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