Thursday, July 20, 2017

EdCrisch International 2017

every year and before my kids school starts, i go to this office - EdCrisch International, a warehouse of all the singaporean math in the Philippines, they were the only distributor of the said materials in almost all the big school that uses that language of math including TJ's and Alex's school.

two day ago, i went there to buy Alex's material for my home review consumption. it took me 2 hours to get to their office in Makati, this building is near Cash and Carry store.

only this year that i saw their varied book on shelves and organized, good for me because i can easily find the books i'll be needing  :-)

they also have this supplement manipulative materials that you can use

Alex said that they are also using this blocks in school

on the far corner is their offices

paid a total of...
these are the books i bought

here's their address and contact information
stay blessed!

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