Saturday, June 17, 2017

What's In My Bathroom

now, i'll be sharing my beauty tips - where everybody can afford it too :-)
this is just one of the many bathroom in our house...

guess what body wash i'm using for the longest time...i bought this in S&R
my shampoo and...
conditioner from Basement salon
for facial care, i use...
and also these cream from Aivee clinic
morning cream
 night cream
and for vaginal wash...
i don't put deodorant instead i just wipe it with alcohol every after bath
and before i brush my teeth, i use this floss
my all time favorite toothpaste
what i love with this mouthwash is that it has no taste at all but refreshing into your mouth
and after a bath, i just sprinkle my body with this old fashioned cologne - yes, i don't use any perfume :-)
now, you know my low maintenance life :-)
stay blessed!

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