Friday, June 30, 2017

Trip To Anvaya Cove - Day 2

the next day, day 2, the kids went swimming to the beach, obviously i can't swim yet, no doctors order...

the truth, we don't like the beach :-(
hahaha, as you can see, TJ was so afraid to get dark, so he has to cover his face and body to avoid the sun, he even joke me if i have a gloves so he can cover his hands, what!

then after trying the not so good beach, they went to the poolside

TJ stayed on the covered side this time :-)

siblings love :-)

for our snacks

after lunch we went to our room to rest...Uriel is taking charge of fixing Alex's hair :-)

after some rest, around 5 pm, the kids and hubby went out to play in the game lounge, i opted to stay because i was not feeling well

view from above

and they had their dinner

...when scrolling my camera, i saw this photos, she played and tested it and used it to do selfies of herself before bedtime :-)

stay blessed!

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