Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Lias's Cake

i discovered this Lia's while reading an article online, and i thought of trying to buy - for Alex's birthday cake :-)

i had to call them for my orders because the cakes that i wanted are only for pre ordered...night before Alex's birthday celebration in school, we picked up the cakes.

i ordered the sugar free avocado cake
with pistachio nuts on top, hmmm so yummy
and this carousel cake
plus this avocado cupcakes for giveaways

3 days after, i ordered again, why? because hubby requested for it :-) he does'nt eat cake at all but when he tasted the sugar free avocado cake, he was addicted and asked for more

birthday cakes for Naomi and...
hubby's :-)
happy 54th birthday Han and happy 8th birthday Alex

stay blessed

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