Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Alex @ 8

Dear Alex,
i remember you when you where just this little...

and days before your birthday, you wrote this letter...

and now, look at you...pretty and bubbly!
and as you celebrate your 8th birthday in school for the first time, you were so excited because each year of your birthday you chose to celebrate it in another country of your choice instead of having a party...
with a crepe rainbow cake that you requested

and this carousel cake for your teachers
and avocado cupcakes for your classmates
and this super yummy sugar free avocado cake for us

i will always be here beside you watching you grow my mini me :-)
happiest 8th birthday!
joyful to see you enjoying your advance birthday with your classmates

while the others are enjoying your mask giveaways

singing songs for you

with one of your bestfriend, Hailey
and with us, your crazy joyful family who will forever love you :-)
on the night before you turned 8, we took this photo to remind us of your last 7 years old, you told us :-)
and when you woke up on your special day, you look so pretty, don't you know that? :-)
you requested to eat this cake, a leftover of the other day's school celebration

hours later, you are ready to accompany us in picking up your cake, again in Lia's

and while inside the car in between traffic light stop, we had so much fun :-)
going back at home, we prepared a little party for you...

and Daddy too :-)
with a boodle fight dinner

with us...

and some friends...
who find time to came by to greet you and Dad

you are so mesmerize of what's really going on :-)
but joyful to see that everyone was having their time to celebrate with you

and had a full stomach at the end :-)
the waiting time is over, time to open your gifts...

hello Hatchmal egg

and this shopskins stuff toys
i know you are so excited to be 8 but always remember that you will forever be my baby Naomi :-)
love you forever, love you for always :-)

(above note from TJ)
opsss, remember i asked you on the day of your birthday this question? What are the 8 things that you've learned in your life? and here's your answer...
1. practice makes perfect
2. don't sleep without saying sorry to anyone you've hurt
3. no using of gadget while eating and when talking to someone
4. listening and obeying to your parents
5. talk to God always
6. study first before playing
7. fix your things or it will get messy
8. get your own things if you can, be independent

i pray that you will take heart this lessons you've learned even when you reach your 90's :-)


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