Monday, May 22, 2017

The Stanford Court Nobhill San Francisco - April 2016

after an hour flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco...

this was the hotel we stayed for a week in the golden city
i booked it months before our trip, and paid 21,000 pesos/day
it's a boutique hotel and accessible to anywhere in the city centre

this couple bear was just a gift from an Auntie (my father's sister from LA) to my 2 kids

yes, we went to Daly City, a 40 minutes cab ride from our hotel just to buy Jolibee :-)

meet up with my relatives (mom's side of the family) on our first day - dinner in a crab restaurant :-)

yum yum yum

told the restaurant's staff that it was Alex's birthday (though it's not) but she was so shy to acknowledge it so we let TJ proxy for her :-)

to be continued...

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