Monday, May 22, 2017

Muir Woods National Park, San Francisco - April 2016

after Sausalito, we went to this beautiful park called...
the moment you entered the place, you felt rejuvenated and relax because of the smells and sight of the redwoods

guess what this is?'s a 1,000+ years redwood on displayed :-)
these two!!!
met a stranger han? hmmm
blessings comes from the Father...

thank you hani for spoiling us, always, always
how tall are these trees? they say that it's around 258 feet tall!

love the sounds of the water in this stream...

magic moment of these two

and we spent more than 2 hours inside the woods...then headed to this amazing overlooking view of the ocean

when passing the famous golden gate bridge :-)

back to the hotel after our tour
stay blessed.

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