Monday, May 22, 2017

American Girl New York - May 2016

our 3rd visit to the American Girl store in a month :-) - 1st in Chicago, 2nd in Los Angeles, 3rd here in New York - as always, my Naomi's request :-)

truly is :-)

meet some of the American Girls dolls...

my Naomi just love Lea, she bought the doll and some of her accessories

the store bathroom

the next day we went back to the store for the salon scheduled for Naomi's dolls :-)

we bought Lea in Chicago and we bought this Naomi's look a like American Girl (truly me doll) here in NY...isn't she look like her :-)

back at the hotel
Kuya TJ's look after almost 2 months without haircut :-( ...while waiting for her sister at the store
time for some pampering here

she bought all these?! yes!

presenting Naomi/Alex with her Truly Me American Doll

paid almost $500++ for all her toys here

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