Monday, May 8, 2017

Adidas NMD

my son TJ's shoe lego cabinet only has 3 pairs of shoes inside of it - his nike rubber shoes for his weekend use, his soccer shoes for his PE class and his black school school shoes for his daily use - why only 3 pairs? because his feet grow too fast and buying a lot of shoes will only be a waste of money.

the NMD shoes next to his black shoes school is his current buy - his nike rubber shoes is beginning to give him a ache on his feet -
we bought it in this store in San Juan

another liking, hmmm not this time...
the store have a variety of shoe collection on display

our benefactor's turn to pay :-)
bought it for 14,000 pesos

up close

in details

and here's my current NMD shoes too :-)

bought it for 13,000 pesos
when worn

up close

bought another pair, this time in black - bought it in an online store, a japan shoppers, i got hold of it after 9 days - bought it for 11,000 pesos

when worn
up close

love both of them

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