Thursday, May 19, 2016

Delsey Luggages

on this recent trip, we bought 3 large size and 2 small hand carry bags in The Travel Club shangri la branch...why Delsey? first, it's lightweight. Second, it's affordable - because we got it on promo :-) Third, it's durable. And fourth, it's chic :-)

each large luggages cost...

and this small hand carry luggages each cost...

up close

the total cost of 5 luggages was 97,950 pesos
stay blessed everyone

My Baby Fashionista

if you are following this blog, you will noticed that my daughter's favorite store when it comes to kids clothing is Baby Fashionista - Eastwood Mall's her lastest buy

in three colors

loving this tutu skirt in different colors

more dresses

this R2D2 costume was customized for her

stay blessed everyone

Carbon Clothing Store

i saw this store in greenbelt 3 and i found this design so comfortable and chic
bought this jumpsuit for 6,700 pesos
guess what i did, i bought a fabric and had it copied in color Red :-)...why? because i can't afford to buy another one...i spent 2,500 for the fabric and the labor. Did i save a lot? YES!
this was the design of the second piece that i bought from Carbon...
i bought the color black, because black is beautiful for 5,500 pesos
and had it copied again, in different colors and spent 3,500 pesos for both fabric and labor of both dresses

i plan of buying some colors again...yes, because i love the design :-)
here's my top secret : i usually buy one piece of item in a store...i will choose some fabrics and have it copied by my trusted seamstress...viola, i have the same design in different colors now :-) to top it all, i save a LOT of money doing so :-)

Airlines To US - Talagtag USA Trip March To May 2016

as always, every time we go overseas, we prefer this airlines - Cathay Pacific - we personally went to their office in Makati to buy our tickets instead of buying it online, why? first, we will be paying a large amount and i don't wanna pay it using my card online, secondly, promos usually don't reflect online, only main office has it, all you have to do is ask and third, no lines to deal with :-)

bought our tickets 3 1/2 months before our trip and guess what, we got it on a promo... Premium Economy Seats in a Buy One Take One via BDO credit card.

round trip tickets to and from:
Manila - Hongkong (1 hour and 20 minutes)
Hongkong - Chicago (15 hours, no waiting time)
New York - Hongkong (15 hours)
Hongkong - Manila (1 hour and 20 minutes, 3 hours waiting time)

we have a 50 kls allowable luggages each person each way

now, the total cost was 330,432 pesos

because i am afraid all through out the flights,only these photos i have during flights

then we went to American Airlines Main Office to get our local flights

our flights are the following:
Chicago - Orlando (2 hours and 30 minutes)
Orlando - Dallas (3 hours, since there is no direct flight to Las Vegas)
Dallas - Las Vegas (3 hours, no waiting time)
Los Angeles - San Francisco (1 hour and 30 minutes)
San Francisco - New York (6  hours)

the total cost of all our local flights was 187,467 pesos

since any US local airlines do not have allowable check in luggage, only hand carry, whatever check in bag will cost you $25 each bag...and we have 4, so we always pay $100 each destination mentioned above not to mention the times our luggages exceeded it's weight, and we paid $100 per bag, yeah, this trip was expensive.

making ourselves pre occupied while waiting...

 my prayer partner, my strength, my Naomi...she kept me entertained during every flights, so that i won't be afraid. you just don't know how much she have helped me :-)

 just finished crying :-)
 my son keep on reminding me to...
 i realized, we should never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a Known God
Grand Total of our plane tickets was 517,899 pesos
stay blessed everyone :-)