Friday, March 25, 2016

Wanderskye Luggage Tavel Essentials

part of the travel accessories we need for our upcoming long trip is to have this essentials
bought 2 large size and 2 small size luggage covers
large = 1,595 pesos each
small = 1,195 pesos each

 the choses designs

 this design i bought in set, a small luggage, neck pillow and strap with digital scale for a set of 4,495 pesos
 neck pillows wit blanket

 for... on each
and this amazing strap

paid a total of 13,865 pesos
will post my actual photos during our travel soon

Family Bonding - Resort World Manila Staycation

one of Hani's friend have an access in this hotel and it's activities, this is one of it's perks, a free show and accommodation :-)