Monday, September 19, 2016

Trip To Masungi Georeserve

Masungi Georeserve was just newly opened last year - 2015. When i saw the few people who already experienced going there i immediately made my reservation - that was last November 2015. After a month, they replied to my email informing me that my scheduled would be in later date of March 2016 and they will only accommodate 7 people each trip...since me and my husband wanted badly to go, i had to pay for the 7 what i did, i invited some close friends who have the same desire of going :-)
these was the grand entrance...our scheduled was at 1 pm
Noel was playing and testing the camera we brought, so we are just joyful to posed for him, here with his wifey, Rae ( both of them are our inaanak )

together with Alex - Rae's cousin and hubby
what a lovely day to start our trail

naiingit kay alex, gumaya din :-)
orientation on going

here with Krisha and Roaslyn - my dgroup and sisters in Christ

the gang

meet our assigned tour guide

habang ang guide nasa taas ng puno at nagtuturo...
kaming mga bisita at nasa baba nakikinig :-)

spider web...oh kanya kanyang posed :-) our first highlights 

buwis buhay na posed - walang gagalaw!!!


ang kweba ng mga bats :-)
hay, it took me awhile to cross this hanging bridge

going down to this net was the most dangerous route we took - obviously, i was the last to go down - our second highlights

ayoko na, gusto ko na bumalik kaso wala na akong babalikan...

little by little...

finally, we reached the end of the net

guess what's our reward? a delicious snacks

what's the pact?
marveling God's creation

bridge over troubled forest :-) - our third highlights

and the fourth highlights

this is Kuya Ruben, he was the one who navigate and discovered the entire route of Masungi, what a genius :-)

saw this in between our trail

...because of Kuya Ruben's effort and love of Masungi, they named this cave after him :-)
and here's our final highlight...what a beautiful and peaceful sight to behold

stay blessed

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