Friday, September 23, 2016

Bonsai Heaven, Shells, Paintings & More

a dear couple friends brought us into the house of their brother-in-law to check the garden, you see, we are in a look out of a landscaper for our new house, so they thought bringing us there will give us an idea of what a real garden really should look like...both me and hubby was in awed of the place, a heaven on earth :-)
a collection of 25 years old bonsai all around us
and if you know this plant you know how much each plant cost :-)

much to our delight, a collection of art pieces inside the house
meet Mr. Dan, he is 81 years old and very much active
his holding a very precious shell

this was just part of his collection of different shells

look closer, this are all precious stones in different colors, talo si Orlina nito :-)

this stones are from Madagascar, he said.
authentic colored shells that he compiled and framed

when you see this design of paintings, he made that too :-)

boys talked

one of the many paintings of BenCab inside his house - this particular art piece is worth a fortune

entered to his private space - his room

a garden inside the room, can it be done? yes!

now to the basement - where he paints  - tiles palang, art na :-)
a real skin of snake, a very long one indeed!

and a various series of his own paintings, what a talented man he is

and his collections of jars that he collected from his numerous travels

the most expensive metal vase among all his collection

upstairs of his house lies this shells collections and paintings

as a remembrance, he handed me this sting ray mouth that he made himself
and had our late lunch

Jasmine's art work, lovely!
stay blessed!

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