Friday, September 23, 2016

Asiapop Comicon Manila 2016

last year, 2015, TJ told us that he wanted to go and attend this event for the big boys but since he was still too young and it's a little expensive, we decline his request but promised him that he will surely attend this year's Asiapop Comicon :-) bought the tickets months before the event and we surprised him with it :-)
on the day itself, he was so excited, obviously, he keeps on hugging Krish :-) Uriel has another errands to do that day... well as one of our yaya, we dropped them both at the nearby mall
then off to go to the event place, SMX Pasay city

his tickets include this Geek Bundle
early long line huh

team extreme :-)

my son was just to joyful that day, because Daddy accompanied him to buy whatever toys he wanted to buy, what a treat :-)

our favorite hot toys all around

some foreign artist are there too

beautiful and very intricate costume

TJ wanted to buy this but when we asked how much it was, guess what- 25,000 pesos
up close ... it's not worth it :-(

hahaha pati si Jolibee pinatulan nya magpa picture :-)

TJ bought this marvel hat for 3,500 pesos

and the best part for this young man? buying a number of this toys, in set!

people lined up for this woman that i didn't know who she was

lunch at the nearby mall

while waiting for his meet and greet with this fellow

we  learned that Simone Legno was there too
we don't mind lining up for 30 minutes
you have to buy any product they have in there for him to signed it for you
we bought this kittypatra

i asked Krish to do it for me because i have to take their photos

even hubby got his personalised drawing too


TJ was the only one who has the ticket, so we just waited for him outside the hall for more than an hour

while his waiting :-)

TJ dreamed of attending the San Diego Comicon maybe in the next few years :-)
stay blessed!

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