Friday, August 26, 2016

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop 2016

...because the kids had an early school break last March, i asked them if they wanted to join this activity in a fast food chain near us, and they both joyfully said yes...after i took this photo of her, she said she was nervous :-) it's their first day, which i understand

while waiting because they were early
according to my instagram photo :-)
let's rock and roll

while the kids are busy doing their summer job, i was and always will be a patient mom who waits for them each time
the second to their fifth day was relaxed and enjoyable for both of them...guess what, only two of them enrolled on that week, which was more advantage because the facilitator was more focused and attentive to each one of them
graduation day

thank you to this three facilitators who taught my kids and made their jobs more fun

love you both :-)

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