Saturday, June 25, 2016

Orlando, Florida Day 2 Onboard Disney Cruise Day 1 - Talagtag USA Trip March To May 2016

being on board with the newest Disney cruise line called Disney Fantasy was our dream vacation, so when we got on board, we just can't believe how vast the ship was...we arrived at Port Canaveral before lunch time, and found few passengers already lining up for registration as the ship will sail at 3 pm.
our first character meet and greet was Minnie (at the lobby):-)
entering the ship, an american guest was so gracious to take us a photo op here :-)

every guest will have to posed in the side  before entering :-) guess what, a filipino crew was the photographer :-)
our official photos from Disney

because one of the main theme of the trip was having all the star wars character on board too, we're here for the posed :-)
our official photos from Disney

this was the main lobby of the ship

mee time :-)
before going to our designated cabin, we explore all parts of the ship...this is were the shows being held :-)
and all the shopping store inside

the kids first buy - toy story toys
riding on an glamorous elevator :-)
looking down the lobby - an entertainment show to welcome all the guest
very elegant chandelier at the lobby
we are about to sail :-)
party was about to begin to welcome all the cruise guest

we are now sailing
this caught her eyes - an ice cream store - where you can get as many ice cream you want all day for FREE

welcome to our cabin on Deck 10
our ID, this should be worn all day because this will serve as your passes to all the attractions  and shops on board
up close - A means Adult
                our dinner will always be at 8:15, second batch
                ERAERRA means the place where you will have your dinner each night, for example - E (Enchanted Garden on Day 1) R (Royal Court on Day 2) A (Animator's Palate on Day 3) and so on...
                and our table will always be on table 88
just like this in summary
some reminders to remember

this was the navigator magazine where you can check all the activities on the said date - day 1

time for our dinner :-) guess what, the best part of being in a Disney Cruise was the dinner time :-) why? best food each time :-)

after dinner, we went back to our room and this is what we saw :-)

every night, they gave us this next day navigator magazine for our schedules

sailing away

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