Tuesday, May 24, 2016

US Tour Guide - Talagtag USA Trip March To May 2016

it's our first time going to the US continents, and since we will not be staying and relying in anyone of our relatives, friends and the like, the only best way to explore each attractions in the areas  is to get a professional tour guides and of course explore it yourself :-)

the first state we visited was Illinois Chicago
we hired Chicago Private Tours and get the classic city tour, a 4 hours tour around the city and paid 15,000 pesos plus 5,000 pesos tip (i just converted all the amounts into peso)

after our Disney Cruise, we went back in Orlando Florida...there are 5 Disney theme parks and 2 Universal Studio parks to explore, how will you visit all these in 5 days? we did! we hired My VIP Tour for a day in Magic Kingdom and another day in Universal Studio...rate is $150 per hour or 7.050 pesos/hour...
Universal Studio - 6 hours - total cost 42,300 peosos
Magic Kingdom - 8 hours - total cost 56,400 pesos
total for 2 days VIP tours 98,700 pesos
plus compulsory 15% tip of 14,805 pesos
grand total we paid was 113,,505 pesos
why get a VIP?....primarily because we have kids and thousand of people are inside the theme parks everyday, you have to wait more than an hour on each rides, but with VIP, 5-10 minutes was the waiting time...so you will get to ride in almost all the rides, how's that?!
meet our tour guide - Cori Yarckin 

my kids love her :-)
she happens to be a singer, a songwriter and co-emecc the NBA Orlando Magic

for our transportation in Orlando - from the airport to everywhere we go then back to our departure - Carlos (a christian too) and Ceilo take turns driving us around :-)

my kids had a new friend, Cielo's daughter - Daniela
we paid 75,200 pesos for 11 days transportation

while in Las Vegas, a friend drove us around the city and Ronalyn too...and while in Los Angeles we get the Starline Tours for 6 hours and the rest we explore by ourselves (sorry, forgot to take photo of the the tour agency office, but we booked it through our hotel - Magic Castle)

total cost in Starline Tour was 50,000 pesos for 4 adults and 4 kids (because Ronalyn and her family joined us in the tour)
now in San Francisco, we hired Rick of Blue Heron Private Tours
we paid 75,000 pesos for 2 days private tours around SF

so, how much was our grand total cost for hiring a private guide in our entire US trip? it's 333,705 pesos
again, there are a LOT of advantages if you do have your own tour guide and transportation when in US unless you want to drive by yourself, which i don't recommend if you are a first timer

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