Thursday, May 19, 2016

Carbon Clothing Store

i saw this store in greenbelt 3 and i found this design so comfortable and chic
bought this jumpsuit for 6,700 pesos
guess what i did, i bought a fabric and had it copied in color Red :-)...why? because i can't afford to buy another one...i spent 2,500 for the fabric and the labor. Did i save a lot? YES!
this was the design of the second piece that i bought from Carbon...
i bought the color black, because black is beautiful for 5,500 pesos
and had it copied again, in different colors and spent 3,500 pesos for both fabric and labor of both dresses

i plan of buying some colors again...yes, because i love the design :-)
here's my top secret : i usually buy one piece of item in a store...i will choose some fabrics and have it copied by my trusted seamstress...viola, i have the same design in different colors now :-) to top it all, i save a LOT of money doing so :-)

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  1. panalo!!! go pa more... pwede ko bang makilala ang mananahi mo? mwuah!