Friday, October 16, 2015

Love Hope Faith Watches

last week it was teacher's day...Alex asked me if she can give some gifts to all her teachers, so i went to the mall and found this interesting...

a product with a cause?! hmmm :-) i bought 6 pieces

in colors...

they have big and small sizes

for only...
and Alex made a personal note on each paper bag, yes, she wrote it all by herself, what a sweet child :-)

to all the teachers out there, cheers to you :-)

Coloring Book

the trend for moms and women alike are these - adult coloring took me awhile to like it for i am too busy to find time doing such - i would rather read a book or watch a movies of my favorite tv series...but my mind shifted when i saw this particular coloring book so i decided to buy it along with the stabilo 88 coloring pens in fullybook for 1,500 pesos

 but then, my Naomi saw it and she herself asked me if she can have it, so i gave in...

so i have no choice but to look for another one for myself...after doing some research, i found this site...
and bought these amazing and personalized coloring books for 1,100 pesos

i also bought this pens in zalora for 1,600 pesos

and bought another set of pens, this time a stabilo pen 68 for 1,200 also from craft carrots

now, i am ready to color it one by one, will share my finish one from time to time :-)

Multi-Cultural Week Of Alex

last month, our Naomi had an assignment to make a Family Tree during their Multi cultural week, the assignment involves us parents to do it together...creativity is a must in here...

so i bought some stuff in national bookstore to decorate it
developed some of her photos to be attached
do some art works too :-)
and we begun our task...see closer how she put a glue at the back of the photos, always with an art design :-)
hands on Dad

and Mom alike

what we learned from this? Teamwork plus the family that helps together, stays forever :-)