Saturday, September 26, 2015

Conquering Mt. Pinatubo

traveling to Mt. Pinatubo is one of our bucket list...we only have to find time and just do it :-) signed up for a trip thru Travel Factor and off we go...
left Ortigas (our meet up area) at 4:30 am, rode in a van and arrived the Zambales-Tarlac boundary after 3 hours...everyone had to register in this site
and everyone who is above 50 years old should be rechecked for health purposes to make sure that he/she can do the long walking
if you did not bring a mountaineering stick, don't worry, this kids have it for only 20 pesos
ready to go...
from the registration site, we rode in a 4x4 vehicle for an hour to reach the starting point of our walking tour...on our way there, you can see this these photos below what the road looks like

on our half way route, we had our stop over with these kids

our group :-)
off to go again

finally, start of our trekking trail

the trek was the ideal test for your endurance as we had to cross streams and walk through lahar (ash) and rocks

resting mode here
with Rein, the Travel factor tour guide

after 3 long hours, we reached the rest room :-)

does the sign says it right? hmmm, it took us 30 minutes to reached the crater, so where do we belong? :-)

almost there

finally we are here :-)

the first time i saw these crater lake, i was in awed!!!

why? because the once dangerous volcano that destroy a number of people, here it is, lies in the area with so much beauty in my sight
don't you think?

perfect moment in a perfect place :-)

we had to go down to see it up close

i learned that most of the time, we go through a lot of problems, trials, challenges, downs in our life because God is using it for us to be refined and be beautiful in His sight one day...such as these place!!! i don't wanna leave just yet...

according to my instagram :-)

...but after 30 minutes, we were asked to leave
back again...

this time, we had it for 2 hours walk, hmmm we're a little fast :-)
and another one hour drove back to the base
yes, you have to bring a cover because of the ashes

for only 2,500 per person, we've got to see this amazing place, that was once destroyed but now we've found it perfectly where it should be - a beautiful and amazing place!

note: you have to bring your own lunch,trail food and a lots of water and gatorade :-)